Q: Is there a recreational aspect to cannabis massage?
A: If there can be a recreational aspect to a standard massage, then there can be a recreational aspect to cannabis massage. What you make of your experience is up to you (as in all areas of life).

Q: Will I get high from a massage treatment?
A: Yes, no, and maybe. Here’s what I mean: If you choose a lotion with active THC, then there might be a mild psychoactive effect experienced. If you choose cannabis lotion with no THC, or inactivated THC, then no psychoactive effect will be experienced. And lastly, if you choose a non cannabis lotion, then no psychoactive effect will be experienced.
I should add that cannabis massage lotions are not typically applied to the entire body, but only to specific problem areas that need a medicated approach. On some occasions this might vary.

Q: Can I get high in the office before or after my massage?
A: Because the office space is shared by practitioners of various kinds, there is no smoking or vaping allowed in the office.

Q: Am I allowed to relax and chill out in the office after my
A: Absolutely. There are couches and comfortable lounge chairs for you to relax. Also, please feel free to get some purified water or make yourself a cup of herb tea.

Q: Are there non-cannabis massage options?
A: Yes. There are a variety of standard massage options available. You can choose from among these when booking an appointment.

Q: What ingredients are in your cannabis products?
A: That’s my trade secret but rest assured that all but one of my products are 100% organic, non-GMO, and totally unadulterated by chemical additives. They’re so pure that one could actually eat them (but that’s actually beside the point). [Please note: For all would be unlawful acquisition entrepreneurs, none of the products that are used in the office are stored on site.]

Q: Do you have cannabis products available for sale?
A: Not just yet, but keep checking. I’ll be announcing it on my Blog and elsewhere when they become available for sale.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: Yes, if you have approval from your insurance company, then insurance coverage for standard (non-cannabis) massage is perfectly fine. On the other hand, insurance for cannabis massage is currently a gray area.

Q: Do you ever run massage discount specials?
A: Yes. There are discount specials at least once a month (sometimes more often). To find out about these, get onto the mailing list or read the Blog.

Q: How come you don’t have dreadlocks and wear tie-dyed
shirts, man?
A: This is the best I can do right now.