Peter Haywood,


I graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City and practiced in New York for 15+ years before moving to Colorado, 3+ years ago. And yes, I’m here to stay.

Back in New York, I worked extensively with professional tennis players, runners and triathletes, and an extensive roster of celebrities from theater, film and television. You want names? Come visit me and maybe I’ll tell you. Here’s a secret: Celebrities are just like you and me (I wasn’t so sure about this at one time).

Now that I’m living in Colorado (and loving it!), I continue to work with athletes of all kinds (in Boulder, how could I not?) as well as non-athletes and everyday stressed-out people, like myself. Where can I find a massage therapist in Boulder?

People always ask me what my specialty is. And oddly, I always have trouble answering this question. Massage is a vast array of blended themes and variations, much like jazz. There is a definite improvisational element, composed on the fly and and personalized for each person. This is why the best massage transcends any sort of technical description; and why I have trouble when people ask me what kind of massage I do.

For the more prosaic among us, who may not be satisfied with my more flowery explanatory scribblings (above), my specialties include: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Pre-natal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and several other more exotic modalities. I’m also highly influenced by Esalen massage, Cranio-sacral therapy, and I’ve developed the ability to tune into and to work with more subtle energies. If you’ve gotten this far, then the massage has already begun.

Why cannabis massage? Ah, yes. Why indeed! Well, first I should say, “why not cannabis massage?” Here’s the thing: Cannabis massage is just a subset of the massage world as a whole. Interestingly, however, incorporating cannabis infused lotions, oils, salves and balms, many of which are handcrafted by me, into a massage treatment is a great way to get enhanced pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Some of the products I create can have a mild psychoactive effect, a strong psychoactive effect, or no psychoactive effect at all, depending on how it’s made. All of the products I use will always have a visceral effect, since they’re combined with massage, which itself always has a visceral effect. For more information about cannabis massage, please go to FAQ, Blog, or Resources.